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Using the Marketplace Functionality: A Step-by-Step Guide

The marketplace feature within the ESA app builder empowers app owners to create a platform for vendors to sell their products while sharing a portion of the sales revenue. By following these steps, you can understand how to integrate the marketplace attribute into your app, keeping in mind that the CommercePro feature must be incorporated for seamless operation.

Step 1: Set Up Your App

  • Log in to the ESA platform.
  • Choose to create a “new application” or select an existing one.
  • If creating a new app, provide a name and create it.

Step 2: Add Marketplace Feature

  • Click on “Features” in the side menu.
  • Choose the “Marketplace” feature and click “Add feature.”

Step 3: Customize Page Settings

  • Give your marketplace feature a title and select an icon.

Step 4: Integrate CommercePro

  • Ensure the CommercePro feature is integrated into your app.
  • Refer to the CommercePro feature article for guidance on its addition.
  • In the settings section of the Marketplace feature, choose “CommercePro” from the Data source drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the required fields and navigate to the QR setup section.
  • Activate store creation to enable vendors to set up their stores.

Step 5: Configure QR Setup

  • Determine the purpose of your QR code from the “QR for” drop-down list.
  • Create a text message for the QR page and select the desired language.
  • Save your settings to finalize the configuration of your marketplace feature.

Step 6: Preview and Generate APK

  • Click “see changes” to preview your app’s appearance on an actual device.
  • To generate an APK of your app, access “Download your app” from the side menu.
  • Scroll down and click “Generate APK.”
  • Choose a subscription plan, and the APK will be sent to your email upon completion.


You’ve successfully integrated the marketplace functionality into your app. Users can now create their own stores within your app, showcasing their products and generating sales. As the app owner, you’ll receive a share of the revenue from these sales. This feature expands the scope of your app, enabling you to create a dynamic and profitable platform for vendors and customers alike.