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Using the Loyalty Card Feature to Reward Your Customers

The Loyalty Card feature in the ESA app builder allows you to create loyalty punch or stamp cards, rewarding your customers after they make a certain number of purchases. Follow these steps to add the Loyalty Card feature to your app and start incentivizing your customers today.

Step 1: Set Up Your App

  • Log in to the ESA platform.
  • Create a new app or select an existing one.
  • If creating a new app, provide a name and create it.

Step 2: Add Loyalty Card Feature

  • Click on “Features” in the side menu.
  • Choose the “Loyalty card” feature and click “Add feature.”

Step 3: Customize Loyalty Card Page

  • Give your loyalty card feature a title and select an icon.

Step 4: Configure Loyalty Card Details

  • Click the “+” button to add a new loyalty card.
  • Enter the name of the loyalty card and the number of points required for the reward.
  • Describe the reward in the reward textbox (e.g., “Free cup of coffee”).
  • Define the equivalent of one point (e.g., “1 cup”).
  • Choose images for active and inactive points.
  • You can set the loyalty card to be used only once by ticking the corresponding checkbox.

Step 5: Set Up Employee Passwords

  • Click “Create password” to assign passwords to your employees.
  • Enter the employee’s name and password.
  • The password will be used for point validation by employees.

Step 6: Customize App Design

  • Set a background image for your app (optional).
  • Choose different images for portrait and landscape modes.

Step 7: Preview Your App

  • Click “see changes” to preview your app’s appearance.

Note: Loyalty cards cannot be edited or deleted once created. This is to ensure that the offer on the loyalty card remains consistent for customers who have already validated points. However, you can create a new card with a different offer if needed.

Step 8: Generate APK

  • To generate an APK of your app, click “Download your app” from the side menu.
  • Choose a subscription plan.
  • The APK will be sent to your email address upon completion.


You’ve successfully added the Loyalty Card feature to your app. Now, you can effectively reward your loyal customers by offering them incentives for their continued support. This feature helps you build customer loyalty and enhance user engagement.