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Using the Cab Ride Feature to Create Your Own Taxi App

With the ESA app builder, you can create your own taxi app similar to Uber or Taxify without any coding. The Cab Ride feature allows you to connect users with drivers, making transportation more convenient and efficient. Follow these steps to create your own cab ride app and contribute to the world of technology.

Step 1: Set Up Your App

  • Log in to the ESA platform.
  • Create a new app or select an existing one.
  • If creating a new app, provide a name and create it.

Step 2: Add Cab Ride Feature

  • Click on “Features” in the side menu.
  • Choose the “Cab ride” feature and click “Add feature.”

Step 3: Customize Cab Ride Page

  • Give your cab ride feature a title and select an icon.

Step 4: Access the Cab Ride Dashboard

  • Click the “dashboard” button to enter the cab ride dashboard.

Step 5: Set Up Cab Ride Modules

  • In the “Settings” section, provide your admin email to receive notifications.
  • Choose the currency and distance unit for your business.
  • Set the center map address, which will be the default starting location for rides.
  • Configure ride search timeout and search radius.

Step 6: Configure Payment Settings

  • In the “Payments” section, choose the payment provider (e.g., Stripe).
  • Set pricing and payment options for rides.

Step 7: Design and Miscellaneous Settings

  • Customize images for menu background, passenger and driver pictures, and map markers.
  • Configure additional settings like driver registration and more.

Step 8: Manage Vehicle Types

  • Set up pricing for different vehicle types.
  • Define base fare, distance fare, time fare, and availability.
  • Add multiple vehicle types as needed.

Step 9: Manage Drivers and Passengers

  • Approve drivers from the “Drivers” section.
  • Access passenger contact info from the “Passengers” section.

Step 10: Monitor Rides and Payouts

  • View the list of successful rides in the “Rides” section.
  • Manage payouts to drivers from the “Accountancy” dashboard.

Step 11: Test Your App

  • Click “see changes” to preview your app’s appearance.
  • Generate an APK by clicking “Download your app” and choose a subscription plan.
  • The APK will be sent to your email when it’s ready.


You’ve successfully created your own taxi app using the Cab Ride feature. Your app will connect users with drivers, providing a convenient and efficient transportation solution. This feature-rich tool eliminates the complexities of coding, enabling you to contribute to the tech world without the need for programming expertise.