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Setting Up Your App’s PayPal API Key for Essential Payment Functions

Integrating PayPal’s robust payment processing capabilities into your app can greatly enhance your user experience. Follow these steps to configure your PayPal API Key for features that require payment integration:

Step 1: Create a PayPal Account

  • If you don’t have a PayPal account, start by signing up at paypal.com. Choose either a “premium” or “business” account type to enable the integration of necessary features.

Step 2: Gather Essential Details

  • To configure PayPal integration, you’ll need the following essential components:
  • PayPal API username
  • PayPal API password
  • PayPal signature

Step 3: Verify and Check Account Status

  • Ensure that your PayPal account has a “Verified” status displayed under your name. Verification is crucial as non-verified accounts might have limitations accessing API features.

Step 4: Access API Settings

  • Log in to your PayPal account and navigate to the “Activity” section.
  • Find and click on “API access.” This might be named differently based on your location, but the goal is to access the API settings.
  • Alternatively, access Account Settings through your PayPal Profile and locate the “API access” option. Note that this option might not be available for all accounts.

Step 5: Manage API Credentials

  • Look for the option to “Manage API credentials” on the following screen.
  • Choose “Request API signature” and agree to the terms by clicking “agree and submit.”

Step 6: Acquire API Credentials

  • Congratulations, your API credentials have been generated. You can reveal them by clicking “show.”

Step 7: Integration with Commerce and Commerce Pro

  • Integrate either of these features into your app by clicking the plus (+) button.
  • Proceed to the Activation form section on the next page.
  • Activate the PAYPAL option and enter your PayPal API credentials.

By following these steps carefully, you’ll successfully configure your app to seamlessly accommodate PayPal payments through API Key integration. This will provide your users with a convenient and secure payment experience within your app.