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Making a News App with the RSS Feed Feature

Do you want to create a news app for your blog? You can use the RSS feed feature to bring news from various sources together. Let’s go through the steps to add this feature to your app:

Step 1: Start Your App

  • Go to the ESA website and log in.
  • Create a new app or choose one you’ve made before.
  • If you’re making a new app, give it a name and create it.

Step 2: Add RSS Feed

  • Click on “Features” in the menu.
  • Find “RSS Feed” and click “Add feature.

Step 3: Customize RSS Feed

  • Give your page a name and choose an icon.
  • You can change how it looks by selecting a different style.

Step 4: Manage Content

  • Go to the “Manage Content” tab.
  • Type in the title of your feed.
  • Paste the URL of your feed into the “Feed URL (RSS)” box.
  • If your website is WordPress, add “/feed” to the end of the URL.
  • For example, if your URL is “https://example.com,” it becomes “https://example.com/feed.”
  • Add a thumbnail to help users guess the content.
  • You can add multiple feeds by repeating these steps.
  • Click “Save” to continue.

Step 5: Settings

  • Go to the “Settings” tab
  • Turn on “display thumbnail” and “use first entry as cover” by checking the boxes.
  • Set the cache time to 1 minute to refresh the content.
  • Click “Save” to save your settings.

Step 6: Design Your Feed

  • Go to the “Design” tab.
  • Choose a design layout you like, and your feed will match.
  • You can also set a custom image as the app’s background.
  • Different images can be chosen for portrait and landscape views.
  • Click “Save” when you’re done.

Step 7: Preview Your App

  • Click “see changes” to see your app on a real device.
  • Remember, some links might not work in the preview but will on real devices.
  • If you want, you can make a file of your app to share.

Great Work!

You’ve successfully added the RSS feeds feature to your app. Now your app will show news from various sources, just like a professional news app!