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Easy Simple Tech’s Mission in Global Advancement

Dedicated to pioneering positive change, Easy Simple Tech is profoundly committed to transforming healthcare, agriculture, and gender equality in low-income nations. Through cutting-edge digitalization, Easy Simple Tech aims to streamline and enhance the essential services, ensuring accessibility and efficiency for all. With a robust strategy centred on internet technologies, Easy Simple Tech seeks to empower public health systems, local agricultural enterprises and individuals, particularly women, driving sustainable growth and fostering equality in these critical sectors.

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Our Products

Easy Simple Tech Rugged Tablet

Built for resilience in varied environments, this tablet offers high-resolution displays, swift performance, and features tailored for healthcare like NFC and barcode scanning. Its reliability and healthcare-focused design make it a standout in the premium market segment.

ES Health Vital Signs Monitor

This advanced monitor provides comprehensive health tracking from heart rate to ECG. Its distinctiveness lies in the embedded AI system, offering predictive analytics to identify potential health issues. As a premium healthcare tech device, it revolutionizes real-time monitoring and patient care.

ES Health Advanced Cardiology Stethoscope

Merging tradition with innovation, this stethoscope incorporates AI for diagnostic recommendations and irregular rhythm detection. With features like digital display and telemedicine compatibility, it redefines cardiological diagnostics.

Easy Simple Telehealth Device Bundle

Introducing the Telehealth Device Bundle, a comprehensive healthcare solution.

Included are:

  •  ES Health Vital Signs Monitor for in-depth health tracking x 1
  • Easy Simple Health Advanced Cardiology Stethoscope with AI diagnostics x 1
  • Easy Simple Tech Rugged Tablets for versatile healthcare applications. Revolutionize patient care with predictive analytics, telemedicine compatibility, and high-res displays x 3