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Creating a Music App Using the Audio Feature

Do you want to build a music app without the need for coding? With the ESA app builder, it’s possible! You can create a professional music app using our Audio feature, which integrates with APIs to bring you music from sources like iTunes and SoundCloud. Follow these steps to make a music app that your users will love:

Step 1: Start Your App

  • Log in to the ESA platform.
  • Create a new app or select an existing one.
  • If you’re creating a new app, give it a name and create it.

Step 2: Add Audio Feature

  • Click on “Features” in the menu.
  • Find the “Audio” feature and click “Add feature.”

Step 3: Customize Audio Page

  • Give your audio page a name and choose an icon.
  • You can change the icon to match your app’s style.

Step 4: Add Playlists

  • Click the (+) button in the “Add feature” section to start adding playlists.
  • Enter a name for your playlist and add a picture if you like.
  • Click “OK” to save.

Step 5: Add Music to Playlists

  • For iTunes: Click on the iTunes button and search for artists, albums, or songs.
  • For Podcasts: Enter the podcast URL and search for podcasts to add.
  • For Custom: Provide basic song information and the .mp3 link.

Step 6: Arrange Your Playlist

  • You can remove songs by clicking the (x) button or rearrange them by dragging them up or down.

Step 7: Preview Your App

  • Click “see changes” to see how your app looks and works on a real device.
  • Note that some features might not work in the preview but will on real devices.

Step 8: Generate Your App

  • To make your app available for use, generate an APK by clicking “Download your app.”
  • Choose a subscription plan, and the APK file will be sent to your email when it’s ready.


You’ve successfully created your own music app without the need for any coding. Users can now enjoy music from various sources using your app. It’s a simple process that allows you to share music with your audience effortlessly.