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Welcome to Easy Simple App – An affordable no-code App Builder tailored to African private sector development.

Our no-code app builder is dedicated to driving social impact by offering African businesses an affordable solution tailored to their unique market needs.

While many platforms overlook African-specific features like local payment gateway integrations, our initiative ensures that African entrepreneurs can fully participate in the e-commerce revolution, bridging the gap and expanding their global digital commerce footprint.

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Easy Simple App, offers all premium app features at no extra cost. This is the ultimate low-cost and no-code app builder.

With our no-code app builder we help you bridge the gap between your business and your customers, no matter where they are. 

Unlike other no-code platforms, Easy Simple App offers Payment Gateway integrations that can be used by merchants and their customers in every region of the world.

Our range of unique app integrations, also make it possible for the sale of high value products – using Payment Gateway options that can process up to $10M securely with Escrow functionalities, protecting the interests of both merchant and customers in such transactions.

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About Easy Simple App

Our Mission: Empowering African Entrepreneurs

Our no-code app builder is at the forefront of championing social impact, specifically tailored for African businesses. Unlike many platforms that often overlook the unique needs of the African market, ours prioritizes local payment gateway integrations and features designed for African merchants. The aim is simple yet profound: ensure that African entrepreneurs aren’t left on the sidelines of the global e-commerce revolution but are active participants in the burgeoning world of digitalized commerce.

A core part of our initiative is to drive empowerment across rural Africa by digitalizing agricultural commerce. This opens up opportunities for rural communities to access larger markets and get better prices for their produce, ushering in a new age of economic prosperity. Moreover, by fostering e-commerce platforms tailored for the region, we provide an invaluable tool for women-owned businesses, furthering gender equality efforts by giving them the resources to expand and thrive in the digital marketplace.

For the youth of Africa, our platform is more than just a business tool; it’s a gateway to innovation and self-reliance. As e-commerce continues to shape the global business landscape, African youth can harness this tool to create, innovate, and tap into international markets. By lowering entry barriers and offering tailored solutions, we empower the next generation to define their entrepreneurial journey, leveraging digital commerce to shape the continent’s future.